About Anyixin

A vibrant, edgy and graphical aesthetic meant for free-spirited misfits and aliens. The three Chinese characters composing the name of the brand “安艺欣” (An-Yi-Xin) each have their own specific meanings which altogether send a positive message:


安 Peace/Tranquility - 艺 Art/Capability - 欣 Happiness/Prosperity


Anyixin Designer Armonie

About Me


First of all, thank you for visiting this about page. My name is Armonie and I'm the designer behind Anyixin.


Label me as a visual artist #weirdo #misfit or #alien, who decided to create a brand that would encourage a colorful fashion, mindset, and lifestyle. I have the goal of promoting unusuality, weirdness and the expression of your impulses. These things that we aren't always allowed to carry out in the real world but that are parts of each of us.


I think that a positive self-image and mental health starts by expressing one's own uniqueness and my designs each carry this message through graphically artistic designs and statements. I'm speaking and creating with the hope to connect with other fashionable #misfits and #aliens and make this unusual fashion our statement. 


 Anyixin Designer Armonie


Wanna know more?

Well, I’m a French-Caribbean artist with a multicultural background (a White Mom who grew up in the Bahamas and Guadeloupe, a Caribbean black biological father, a French Dad and four siblings including a Franco-German brother). I was born in Martinique, grew up around Europe and am now living in Asia (Hong Kong/ Shenzhen) where I've started this colorful little brand with all of the little money I make and all the energy of my big dreams.

My visual artwork and designs all come from my own personal experience but all try to be relatable to younger and older free/wild spirited individuals.

If you’d like to see more of that I invite you to visit the following links:


Anyixin Photography - Anyixin Art - Anyixin Brand 


Thanks for reading,



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安 Peace & Tranquility - 艺 Art & Capability -

欣 Happiness & Prosperity




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