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If you are: a creative soul, a fashionista, an Instagram influencer or micro-influencer.
You’d like to: collaborate with me and help promote Anyixin by expressing your own style and creativity through exclusive photographic and/or videographic content including Anyixin designs. And: get exposure through @anyixin_clothing website & social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest).

THEN email me the following Info at and I’ll email you an agreement:

-Instagram name

-What's your biggest dream/goal in life?

-What kind of vibes do you get from Anyixin?

-What's your favorite Anyixin item?


Anne in PMST graphic Tee


I’m a self-employed, full-time artist/designer with big dreams and big goals so I want this exchange to be as fair and rewarding as possible to everyone involved.

I want You to create quality and original content by being as much You as You can be and by spreading the positive self-love/self-growth message that Anyixin represents. 


For this exchange to be fair I’m willing to give to any Anyixin lover or Promoter:

- One personalized 40% off Ambassador code to use on your collaboration order.

- One personalized 15% off discount code to share with your followers.

- A permanent story and/or IG post crediting you and your IG account. 

More details about terms & conditions in the agreement!



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